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Writers and Artists... whose work has appeared in TOH

(in alphabetical order by last name; click any name to go to their web site; NWS means no web site)

Matthew Abuelo NWS
(poem "Red Light District of the Soul" 2/1/09)
Gale Acuff- China NWS
(poem "Before it's too soon" - spring 2012)
Alessander- CA NWS
(writing exercise "Challenge Yourself" 6/9/10)
Elizabeth Alexander NWS
(excerpt of "Praise Song for the Day" 2/1/09)
Jeffrey Alfier- AZ
(poem "Wartime Photographs" 4/1/10)
Kazim Ali ("Poetry is Dangerous: Professor Recycling is Suspect" 12/01/07)
Benjamin Alire Sáenz- TX
("from The Philosophy of Work" April 2015 #55)
M. Allman- IN
("Viral Smiles" fiction 04/2011)
Jan Allsopp
(photo of "chatterbox" 7/5/08)
William L. Alton- OR
(prose poem "Because He Promised" 2/1/10)
Cindy Amrhein- NY NWS
(review of her co-authored book "Bread & Butter" 3/1/08)
Amy Ng- Malaysia
(3 images from her art zine "Lost" 1/11/10)
Anonymous "Aranee" on Writerscafe- Singapore NWS
(fiction "Those Warm Hands" 6/9/10)
Arlecchina NWS
("Gift Note" 1/5/09)
Annette Armellino- NJ NWS
(poem "And Then..." 1/2012)
Annette Armellino (was Ackerson)- lived her entire life in NY, now in NJ NWS
("Family Missed" 10/08/07, "Black Eyed Pea" 2/1/09)
Boghos L. Artinian MD NWS
(poem "Synchrosanct" #53)
Robert Baker
(poem "Wind" 3/1/09)
Simona Balas- FL
("Winter Eggs", "Bugs 2" 12/16/08)
Peter Barlow- MI
(fiction "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" 1/2012)
Lora L. Barnhiser
(quote "The Leaf", artwork "Letter T", "Leaf" 10/6/08)
Michael Basinski- NY
(excerpt from experimental poetry book "All My Eggs Are Broken" - spring 2012)
Richard Beale- NY NWS
("3 from Polar Drift" 01/05/07, "When the heron lifts from the moonlit lake" 02/07/07, "I am the shoe" 10/08/07, ) Melissa Beardsley- NY NWS (memoir "Why I Live Where I Do Now" 6/8/09)
Gary Beck- NY NWS
(poem "Sneak Attack" 10/14/09)
Jolene Beckman- NY
("Rose II" painting with poem and artist's statement 08/04/07)
Paul Beckman- CT
("Latch" fiction 04/2011)
Guy R. Beining NWS
(poem "muzzle 2." and drawing "earning sight" 8/10/09, poems "Gone 7." and "Gone 8." 11/7/09)
Valerie Belsky
(drawing "Pail on Fence" 7/5/08)
Eleanor Leonne Bennett- UK
(photo series "b&w", "Do You Feel White Frost", "Don't Trip", "Water" 1/2012; photo "Worry of the one in three" #53)
Eric Bennett- NJ
(flash fiction "Atom Bomb" 10/14/09, "Becoming Burning" and "Cielo y el Hombre del Sol" stories Oct. 2010)
Victoria Bennett- UK NWS
(a bit about her book "Anchoring the Light" 7/6/09)
Larry Berger- NY
(interview/review of his book "Instant Poetry? Just Add Words!" 01/2011)
Mike Berger, Ph.D.- UT
("Star Valley" poem 1/2011)
Don Black- NY NWS
(poem "Beastly Dream" 9/3/09)
C. L. Bledsoe- MD
(flash fiction "The Waiter" 12/9/09)
Mykel Board- New York, NY
(3 senryu 04/2011)
Regina M. Brault- VT NWS
("At Either End of the Web" 2/4/08)
Eric J. Brinovec- NM NWS
(poem "Frozen apples fiercely flaming" 12/9/09)
Randall Brock- WA NWS
("Untitled (4 poems)" 2/1/09, "Untitled (2 poems)" 9/3/09)
Kevin Brown- AR NWS
(story "Of Course" Oct. 2010)
Terry Brown- MN
(prose "Swing Higher Daddy" - spring 2012)
Buddy- NY NWS
(poem "Wind Borne" 3/1/09)
Vesna Budzevski- formerly of NY and now in Macedonia NWS
("Ethos of Life" 02/07/07, "I Wanted Poetry, Now I Want Prose" 04/18/07)
D. Burke- WI
("My Little Soldier" poem Oct. 2010)
Noelle Burke (Xenotees)- PA
(she's the Etsy Artist featured in an article and cover art "Collective Animal Nouns" and photos with article of items on site, 1/2011)
Emily Burns- KY NWS
(prose "On Life and Laundry" and "Growth Charts" 8/10/09)
Bethany Butler- NY NWS
("Confetti words scatter" 11/01/07, "Haiku" 2/1/09)
Salvatore Buttaci- WV
(prose "Kansas Winds" 3/1/09, poems "Sunflowers", "Rivulets of Ink" 4/1/09, prose poem "My Father's Promises" 3/6/10, poem "Green" 5/8/10)
Vadim Bystritski- France
(visual poem/art "Door" - spring 2012)
Kelly Campbell- VA
(spine and ribs photo 10/6/08)
Victoria Carlson- Seattle, WA
(photo and prose "Of Infinite Worth" 04/2011)
James Carpenter- NJ
(fiction "What We Forget About When We Forget Last Night" April 2015 #55)
Erin Chapman- Canada NWS
("Walls" #53)
Peter Chapman
(poems "Inventing Terror", "Hand-Fed Lovebirds $40" 1/5/09)
Ira Cohen NWS
(poem "Morning Meditation" 7/5/08)
Jim Cohn- formerly of Rochester, NY
("I Write My Poems" 01/05/07)
Jeremy Colangelo- Canada NWS
(story "Lone and Level Sands" Jan. 2014 #54)
Gwynne Collins ("Pop Flowers" and "Many Flowers" 12/1/07)
Evan Commander
("Poem" 04/18/07)
Tommy Conley- NY NWS ("What I Have Learned From Writing" and "contrition" 11/01/07, "cost of living" 7/6/09)
("Off the Map" excerpts 06/10/07)
Michael Czarnecki- NY
("After the Solstice" 01/05/07, "Half a Year Gone" 06/10/07, article about his "Palm of the Hand Memoir Writing" Workshop 6/1/08, article & haiku "The Spoken Word Series" 10/6/08)
Charles H. Davenport- formerly of NY and now living in MI NWS
("Half-Mast" 12/01/06, "Elni Lake" 06/10/07, poem "Teaching Students To Eat Poetry" 7/2011)
Carolyn Findlay Davis- IN NWS
(article "Growing Patience" 1/2012, article "The Bridge over the Humble River" - spring 2012)
Teri Davis- MD
("Chasing Butterflies" 2/1/09)
Janann Dawkins- MI
(prose poem "Roles" 4/1/10)
Holly Day- MN NWS
(poems: "Old Loves" 2/1/10, "Box #27" April 2015 #55)
Terence Degnan- NY NWS
(poem "as I walked out upon the dragonfly" - spring 2012)
J. D. DeHart- TN
(poem "Museum" Dec 2015 #56)
Dan Delehant-CA NWS
(story "The Little Collector" Oct. 2011 #50, "My Dad and His Friend Luke" Jan. 2014 #54)
Susie Dent NWS
(review of her book "The Language Report" 3/1/08)
Patricia Dixon- PA NWS
(poem "Urban Struggle" 7/6/09)
Nicole K. Docimo- CO
(cartoons: "value your time more than your money" 11/8/08, "Hopscotch", "Good Morning Sleepeyes" 2/1/09, "Inside My Head" 04/2011, "Two Kings" - spring 2012)
William Doreski- NH NWS
(poem "Something Collapsed" 6/9/10)
Mark Doty
(mention of poem "A Display of Mackerel" from "Souls on Ice" 1/5/09)
Jessica Doyle
(art "Learning to Stand on One Foot", "Feeling Disconnected","What Does the Hand Mean?", "The Sitting Oxymorons" 6/8/09)
Aleathia Drehmer-NY
(poem "Hunched Over Desk", Oct. 2011 #50)
Tray Drumhann-TN
(photos "Around the Corner", "Yesterday to Tomorrow" in Oct. 2011 #50)
D. J. Duncan- NY NWS
("The Illumination of Moonchild" excerpt 05/12/07)
Emily Duncan- NY NWS
(poem "I Stroll by Still Water" Dec 2015 #56)
Camron Dunn
(prose "Dancing in Her Sleep" 2/1/09)
Nicholas DuPont NWS
(essay "The World vs. America" 10/14/09)
Dave Eggers
(excerpt from novel "You Shall Know Our Velocity" 8/10/09)
Kate Eisenberg NWS
(poem "Narrowing the Line" 11/8/08)
Emily Elizabeth NWS
(prose poem "There Was Something" 10/14/09)
Louise Erdrich NWS
(excerpts "The Painted Drum" 6/8/09)
Krissy Erkmann (PaperSchmaper)- MO
(online community project "Happiness Is" article, text from letterpress print of same title 2/1/10)
Adel Eyes- NY NWS
("A Woman's Soul" 05/12/07)
Fran Marie Farnstrom- KY NWS
(poem "Autumn Winds" 3/1/09, "Pules" Jan. 2014 #54)
Cathy Feiss- CA
("Waffles" ceramic tile 09/01/07)
Brian C. Felder- DE NWS
(poem "Some Things Never Change" Jan. 2014 #54)
Anita Feng- WA
("I Thank You" poem and Etsy Artist Feature both Oct. 2010)
S. P. Flannery- WI NWS
(poem "Narnia" 10/14/09)
Vic Fortezza- NY
(story "Colors of the Day" 10/14/09)
Robert Lee Frazier- MD
("Book Review: Two Poets Take on Modern Love" Oct. 2010)
Charles Frisbie- IL NWS
(short-short "Tin Can" 1/2011)
Jim Fuess- NJ
(art: "Confrontation", "Confrontation 2" 1/5/09, "Blue and White Abstract Painting #7" 04/2011, "Running Egg" cover art - spring 2012)
Anthony Garavente- Los Angeles, CA NWS
("Out of Sight, Out of Mind" fiction 04/2011)
Gracie NWS
(poem "You're No Sheik, Honey" 2/1/09)
Christel Grady
(poem "Always" 4/1/09)
Gordon Graves- OR NWS
(story "Dance Class" 9/3/09)
Emma Green- England NWS
(fiction "Companion Planting" 5/8/10)
Nicholas Grenier- France (translated by Emmanuel Cheiron) NWS
(poem "Snow in the Air" 1/2012)
John Grey- RI NWS
(poem "Praise" Jan. 2014 #54)
Anthony Grooms- GA NWS
("The Geckos" 10/14/09)
David Groulx- Canada NWS
("Brown Medicine Woman Ceremony" poem 4/1/10)
Jill Gussow- NY
("Life Patterns" mural in (3) photos by Margolis, 01/2011)
Katie Haegele (The La La Theory)
(feature of zines 5/5/08, review of zine "This Was Before You Were Born" incl. excerpts 6/1/08, mention of zine "Obsolete" 8/6/08, poem "Earth and Other Mothers" 5/8/10)
HaggisVitae- PA
(photo "I Carry You With Me" 12/9/09, 2 other images 12/0/09)
Christine Hamm
("Children Having Trouble With Meat" and "Gretel Dreams With Her Eyes Open" 09/01/07)
Victor Hammond NWS
("Education", "Untitled VII" 12/16/08)
Edmond Hare- CA NWS
(prose "We Call Him the Dancing Queen" 5/8/10)
Joy Harjo NWS
(article, poem "The Woman Hanging from the Thirteenth Floor Window" 8/6/08)
William Wright Harris- TN NWS
(poem "The Murder" April 2015 #55)
Dawnell Harrison- ID
(poem "Bent" - spring 2012)
Jeff Harrison NWS
("Monumental" 02/07/07)
Niels Hav- Denmark
("Deepest Inside All" 09/01/07, "Visit From My Father" 01/04/08, poem "Epigram" 8/6/08, "A Little Self Irony" 12/15/08, "The Widow" 3/1/09, "You Know- It" 10/14/09)
Andy Havens
("Why Write Poetry" article 3/1/08, "Metaphor Mix-Up" 5/5/08, "Meaning to Mean" 9/8/08, "The Delicate Pattern" fiction 3/6/10)
T. R. Healy NWS
("Deep in the Hole" fiction 4/1/10)
C. J. Heck
(Review of her poetry for children book "Barking Spiders")
Caroline D. Henry- CA
(prose "Of Breezes and Botany" 10/14/09)
Jaime Hernandez- TX
(artwork: "English Gentlemen", "Metal and Concrete", Cover Art: "His Final Message" -all April 2015 #55)
Joan Herrmann- NY NWS
("Nature Tweaked" artwork in 03/05/07 issue)
Cheryl Hicks- TX
(Cover Art: "Escape into Life"; art: "Atticus Finch", "Peace in Every Step", "Audrey Hepburn", "Possession", (2) closeups of artwork; prose "A Sudden Willingness to Sleep" Dec 2015 #56)
Virginia Lee Hines-NY(WOMAN POET COLUMN with focus on: George Ella Lyon 12/2006, Do We Hide or Not? 1/2007, American Woman Poets 2/2007, Shakespeare For Women 3/2007, Crafting Letters 4/2007, Unlearning Submission 5/2007, Dervish 6/2007, Women Poets & Subject Matter-Part1 7/2007, -Part2 8/2007, Race and Poetry 10/2007, Place and Time to Write 12/2007, The Writer's Life 1/2008, Write a Letter This Valentine's Day 2/2008, Harriet Monroe 3/2008, Lisel Mueller 4/2008, Looking For Excellence 6/2008, My Heroes 7/2008, Alicia Ostriker 9/2008, Shouting Across the Distance 10/2008, On Finding Good Work 11/2008, A Last Taboo 1/2009, Carson McCullers 2/2009, Poetic Inspiration From Difficult Times 4/2009, Deborah Digges 5/2009, Britain's Woman Poets in the News 7/2009, Book Hungry 9/2009, Lost in the History Books 10/2009, Carolyn Heilbrun and Writing a Woman's Life 1/2010; Poems "Spring Sonnet" 4/18/07, "Quilt" 11/1/07, "Measuring" Jan. 2014 #54, Woman Poet Column April 2015 #55) Anonymous "The History Sleuth" on WritersCafe- Perry, NY NWS
("The Conspiracy Against Christmas" excerpt 12/1/06) Stephanie Hiteshew-MD NWS (review of her book BILLY AND CINDY appeared in Oct. 2010; poem "Navigate" Oct. 2011 #50, "At My Desk" April 2015 #55)
Lotte Hobbs- UK
(art "Have Hope" and "Green and Growing Things" 5/8/10)
Mary Holley-NY NWS
(poem "Foodaholic Frolic" 7/2011)
Herbert Muller Hopkins NWS
(review of old book "Poems- Hopkins" incl. poem "The Prison Builders" 12/16/08)
Steven Huff- NY NWS
("Second Coming in Northern PA","Boarding a Bus" 4/1/08)
A. J. Huffman-FL NWS
(poem "Colorless Pain" Oct. 2011 #50)
Alexis A. Hunter- WV
(fantasy fiction "Not Enough Time" #53)
Caleb "Kbob" Hunter NWS
(story "A Moment of Forever" 2/1/09)
Sarah Hutt
("My Mother's Legacy" Bowls 08/04/07)
Carl Paul Jennewein (1890-1978)- NY
("War Memorial Eagle" sculpture in photo by Margolis, 01/2011)
Ivan Jenson- MI (poem "To have not" - spring 2012)
Jham NWS
(poem "Aye Yo, Langston"7/6/09)
(art in adv. "Birds" 3/1/09)
Halvard Johnson- traveling NWS
("Poem #42" 11/01/07)
Michael Lee Johnson- IL
(poem "I Know from My Bed" #53)
Valerie Jones- NJ
("Favorite Words" writing exercise 08/04/07)
Andre Jordan
(art in adv. "Am I still in the doghouse?", "The early bird", "Terrible Mistake" 3/1/09)
David Michael Joseph- CA
(poem "North of San Diego" 1/2012)
K. Jospe- NY NWS
(essay "Rites of Writing: Why I Write Poetry" 4/1/09)
Julie C. Judes- WI
("Thanks a Million, Maximilian" story, 01/2011)
Frank Judge- NY
("Moonlight and You 05/12/07, 'ITalian Bread" 09/01/07)
Peycho Kanev- Chicago, IL
("The dogs" 4/1/10)
Sarah Katharina Kayβ- England
(photograph in Jan. 2014 #54)
Michael Keel- CA
(poem "Shut Up" - spring 2012)
Scott Keeney- CT NWS
("Thought" 07/02/07)
Cindy Kelly- OH NWS (poem "Second Street Pilgrimage" 6/8/09)
Raud Kennedy-OR
("Making My Own Acquaintance" poem, Oct. 2011 #50, "You Can Be Anything You Want to Be" Jan. 2014 #54)
Aijung Kim- NY
("We Carry Each Other" poem in book format 2/4/08, mention of interview 11/8/08)
Barbara Ann Kipter, PhD NWS
(review of her book "Word Nerd" 7/5/08)
Brian Kiteley- CO
(writing exercise/article "Synesthesia" 7/2011)
Paul Knoblauch- NY
("School of Fish" steel fish and weathervane installation in photo by Margolis, 01/2011)
Ted Kooser NWS
(mention of "The Poetry Home Repair Manual" 9/8/08)
W. K. Kortas- PA
(poem "The Unreliability of Portents" 4/1/09, prose poem "The State Historical Marker at Coreorgonel" 3/6/10, poem "michael nesmith sang her name was joanne" - spring 2012)
Richard Kostelanetz- New York, NY
("PO/EMS" 04/2011)
Kara Emily Krantz NWS
("Translucence" 2/4/08)
Missy Kulik ("poem from "Yoohoo Haiku!" 12/01/07)
Deborah Lai
(prose "Oh, Orange!" 7/5/08)
Marissa Landrigan
("Prose Pendants" 04/18/07)
C. Lawless- NY NWS
(poems "Haiku" 10/08/07, "Circle of Arms" 12/01/07, "Wicker Bottomed Women" 8/10/09, "Muddy Pair Still Missing" 10/14/09)
Aaron Paul Lazar- NY
(article "Dialog Tags", 01/2011)
Carey Lenehan
(poem "Space Before Thunder" 4/1/09)
Ruth Lepson- MA NWS
("Moon" 05/12/07, "Spoon" 09/01/07)
David Lewitzky- NY NWS
(poem "Polka" Jan. 2014 #54)
Lyn Lifshin
(poem "Summer Night Near the Pond" 9/3/09, poems "Before Any Snow" and "Thurday, Walking Past the Pond Near Midnight" and prose "Nutley Pond" 11/07/09, poem "My Mother Wants Lambchops, Steaks, Lobster, Roast Beef" 7/2011)
Estelle Lipp ("Home For The Holidays" 1/4/08)
Sheryl de Jonge-Loavenbruck- NY
(article "Joy Harjo's Famous Poem - How Music & Poetry Belong Together" 8/6/08, article "R. C. Gorman", poem "Gracias" 3/1/09,poem "The Hoarder" 6/8/09, article "Duende and Federico Garcia Lorca" 12/9/09, poem "The Cabin in the Mountains" 12/9/09)
Ellaraine Lockie- CA
(poems "She Reads Virginia Woolf" 2/1/09, "Walt Whitman Today" 8/10/09, "Short-Shorts on Midlife Legs" 2/1/10, "Socked-In" poem Oct. 2010, poem "On Avoiding Stendhal Syndrome" Oct. 2011 #50; review of her book STROKING DAVID'S LEG appeared Oct. 2011 #50)
Carin Loeffel- NJ
(art "Think Outside the Box" and "Fate" 3/6/10)
Theresa Lopez NWS
(story "Prowl" 10/6/08, story "The Plaid Shirt" 1/2011)
Federico Garcia Lorca NWS
(article about his "Duende" and sample poems "Casida of the Lament", "Casida of the Dark Doves" 12/9/09)
Philip Loyd-TX (poem "the o henry problem", Oct. 2011 #50)
Richard Luftig- CA NWS
(poem "Palimpsest" 1/2012)
Andy Lyons
(drawing "Shatter" 11/8/08)
Louis Maistros NWS
(excerpts/review "The Sound of Building Coffins" 2/1/09)
Bob Marcacci- China NWS
("Who are you" 02/07/07)
Richard Margolis- NY
(8 photos from RochesterPublicArt.com throughout issue 01/2011 - "Cat and Bird", (3) "Life Patterns", "Passenger Pigeon", "Penguins", "School of Fish", "War Memorial Eagle")
Denny E. Marshall- NE
("Rocket" cover art, Oct. 2011 #50, cover art #53 "Kristy" and "Trees of Brick Wall Road" #53 )
Vincent Massaro- NY
("Cat and Bird" sculpture in photo by Margolis, 01/2011)
Tegon Maus- CA
(story "Cured" - spring 2012)
Marion Maxson- NY NWS
("Daisy Chains" 02/07/07)
Chris McCann- Scotland
(story "The Circus of the Smile" 10/14/09)
James McCormack- Scotland
(story "Loch Lomond" 10/14/09)
Tara McDaniel NWS
(story "Biography of the Bride" 2/1/09)
Debra A. McIntyre- NY
(story "Dragon Song" 9/3/09)
Jim Meirose- NJ NWS
(story "Mary and Kenneth" 2/1/10)
Jennifer E. Merring NWS
(poem "Selling Myself" 2/1/09)
Michelle- VA
(article "This is Stale", also Etsy Artist for Dec 2015 #56)
Shawn Misener- MI
(poem "Maybe I Expected Something More Profound" 7/2011)
M. E. Mitchell- NY NWS
(story "An A.M. Lament" Jan. 2014 #54)
Mark J. Mitchell- CA NWS
(poem "Why I Say Prayers at Night" - spring 2012)
Patti Monaghen
(photo "Secrets" 5/5/08)
Ivan de Monbrison- France
("Ink and acrylic on paper, Paris 2012" #53)
Afzal Moolla- South Africa NWS
(poem "For Pete Seeger, Huddie 'Leadbelly' Ledbetter and Woody Guthrie" Dec 2015 #56)
Tate Morgan- OH NWS
("Character" 3/6/10)
Natalia Moroz- NC
("W. H. Auden" linocut portrait 11/01/07)
Liliana Negoi- Romania NWS
("Laced Waters- A Sonnet" 1/2012)
Rodney Nelson NWS
(poems "Gunnar Widforss' Canyon" and "Late-Reported Incident" 4/1/10)
Billeh Nickerson- Canada
(poem "Diet" 7/2011)
B. Z. Niditch- MA NWS
(poem "Optics" 1/2012)
Lance Nizami- CA NWS
(poem "Fluidity" 1/2012)
S. M. Noah- Dallas, TX NWS
("Neon Lights at 2:00AM" poem 04/2011, poems "Morning Until Noon Toward Dinner", "Memoirs, Rivers, Displacements and Helen Gold, Torch Singer" Oct. 2011 #50, poem "I Heard Laughter There" #53)
E. V. Noechel- NC
(poem "Fetch" #53)
Marjorie Norris NWS
(poem "Coming Into Life" 9/8/08)
The NY Writers Workshop NWS
(review of book "The Portable MFA in Creative Writing" incl. wr. ex. "Poem, Dream, Conflict" 5/5/08)
Amanda Oaks- PA
("You left me a stem" collaged poem 02/07/07, "in the small hours of morning" 11/01/07)
Anonymous "Omily" on Writerscafe- St. Louis, MO NWS
(fiction "Exile of Eden" 6/9/10)
Wendy Owens
(art "Sea Dreams" 3/1/09)
Mari Paul- NY
(article "National Novel-Writing Month" 11/7/09)
Peggy NWS
(writing exercise "Dividing Your Lines" 12/16/08)
Amanda Persons NWS
(poem "There Is Terror Here" 10/14/09)
Anonymous "Phantom Heart" on Writerscafe- Coal City, IL NWS
(poetry "Watching Green" 5/8/10)
Micci Piraino- NY NWS
("Big Surf" 05/12/07)
Randall W. Pretzer- TX NWS
(story "Home is Where Your Heart Is" 10/14/09)
Rick Puetter NWS
(poem "Ascension" 4/1/09)
Sudie Rakusin
(two drawings of "empowered womyn" 8/6/08)
Cayanne Ramuten- NC
(essay "Langston Hughes' Blues" 5/11/09, poem "Child Turned to Ice" 10/14/09, poem "Words Become a Sentence" 1/11/10, poem "On Reading About the Shooting at the Holocaust Museum" Oct. 2010)
Lea Redmond
(prose "Everyday Artifacts: The Pencil", pencil scroll, 'human being' calling card 11/8/08)
Joseph Reich- MA NWS
("Joe" prose poem 4/1/10)
Edward J. Reilly- MA NWS
(haiku "following the moon" and "mending fences" 2/1/10; prose "My Father's Tie" Oct. 2011 #50)
Philippa Rice- England
(seven images from "100 Things To Do" 7/6/09)
T. F. Rice- NY
(Articles: "Ready to Receive the Gifts of Georgia O'Keeffe" 11/1/06, "Can Fiction Be Truer Than We Tend To Be?" 12/1/06, "1000 Journals or Writing For Yourself" 04/18/07, "Feeling Stuck? Take a Trip Online!" 06/10/07, "Use of Text in Art: A Gallery of Words" 08/04/07, "Change Your Hat" 10/08/07, "Before There Were Words" 01/04/08, "Writing Contests as Motivational Tools" 02/04/08, "Writing Every Morning" 04/01/08, "Readers Favorite Sentences" 6/1/08, "Word Nerd" 7/5/08,"The Relevancy of Old Poetry and New Art- For Difficult Times" 12/15/08, art "Plant a Cemetery", book review "Weird Love: The Sound of Building Coffins" 2/1/09, art "Chimes on the Wind" 3/1/09, "On Prosody", "SFS Kids: Fun With Music" 5/11/09; article "Doing Time to Cleanse My Mind" 7/6/09, article "Are You Generic" 10/14/09, "The Drabble" 01/11/10, article "Happiness Is?" 2/1/10, article "The Reader's Eyes" 3/6/10, book review "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" 4/1/10, article "Art is In Us & Everywhere" 1/2011, article/book review "Instant Poetry? Just Add Words!" 1/2011, book review "Magical Microfiction" 7/2011, book review "Creativity in the Presence of Chaos" Oct. 2011 #50, article "Empedocles' Four Elements" 1/2012; Writing Exercises: various)
Henry Richards- Germany NWS
(poem "Pending" Jan. 2014 #54)
India Richer ("Thought" watercolor on rag paper 1/4/08)
Edward J. Rielly- ME
("Words, Then More Words" poem 4/1/10)
Hannah Rittner- Canada
(poems "The Rain" and "Phone Shell" 1/2012)
Kelly Rae Roberts ("Wear Red Shoes" collage art 08/04/07)
John Roche- NY
("1/1/00" 01/05/07, "All Hallow's Eve" 11/1/07, "Bowl of Fire" 01/04/08)
Henry Rollins NWS
("Alone in a small room" from book "Smile, You're Traveling" 8/6/08)
Dilys Rose
("Moody Trudy" review of "When I Wear My Leopart Hat: Poems for Young Children" 10/08/07)
Dinesh Sairam- India
(poem "A Natural Delicacy" 1/2012, "Lights of New Japan" Jan. 2014 #54)
Jim Scallan
(poem "Touch Not" 4/1/09)
Kellie Schneider
(artwork "Daydream, Part 2" 9/8/08)
Patricia Scull- NY
(story "A Theory of Relativity" Jan. 2014 #54)
Amir S-Fard- England NWS
(poem "Take This Flag" 10/14/09)
Samy Sfoggia- Brazil
(cover art from "Blood in my eyes" Jan. 2014 #54)
Anas Shafqat- Pakistan
(story "Home is Not Home Without You!" 10/14/09)
T. L. Sherwood- NY
(fiction "Ghost Busting" Dec 2015 #56)
Dawn Shimp
(article & poem pendants"Without Qualification" 11/8/08)
Nicholas Shipman- VA
(poem "Paper Lives" #53)
Ana Maria Shua, translated by Rhonda Dahl Buchanan
(5 microfiction & a review of book "Quick Fix: Sudden Fiction" 7/2011)
S. D. Simon- NJ
(article based on food zine "My Mansion on the Hill" 5/5/08)
Bobbi Sinha-Morey- CA
("A Summer Coolness" poem 4/1/10, "The Shuffle of Dialogue" Dec 2015 #56)
Hal Sirowitz- PA NWS
("A Natural Orbit" poem 5/8/10)
Geoffrey Smagacz- NY
(fiction "Shooting Practice" #53)
Carol Smallwood- MI NWS
(articles "Brooding" 1/11/10, "Style" 04/2011)
J. D. Smith
("Garfish" 07/02/07)
Jessica Smith- VA
("Sidewalk" a visual poem 10/08/07, article about her "Shifting Landscapes" in 3/6/10)
Kaitlyn Smith- TX
("3 Writing Prompts" from her Journal prompt Jars, and Featured Etsy Artist for 1/2012)
Mr. Scribbles! a.k.a. Michael Sparling- NY ("You and me-- we're trees" 11/1/06; Comics in 1/5/07, 5/12/07, 6/10/07; Custom clip art in 11/1/07, article "Poetry in Motion" 4/1/08, poem "Wyoming County Man" 11/8/08, sketch "Two Potatoes" 2/1/09, "Squeezebox Johnny" 6/8/09, 3 comics 10/14/09, Words-worth comic 4/1/10, Dog pulls cats comic 1/2011, cover art "iFood" 7/2011, handwritten poem "Mornings in Perry" 1/2012; "I go to work...", untitled comic, both April 2015 #55)
Holly Wren Spaulding- MI
("Grace" poem Oct. 2010)
Spence- Northeast England NWS
(poem "Ethical Philosophy vs. Capitalist Entropy" 10/14/09)
Mary Speranza- NY NWS
(mention of murder mystery "Pookie" 5/5/08)
David Spiering- WI
(story "Eating Potatoes and Sausage" 7/2011)
Marie Starr- NY
(poem "Epiphany on Anality" 4/1/09)
Carl Stilwell NWS
(poem "A Bible Belt Polonaise" 3/1/09)
Dr. Charles A. Stone
(poem "This and Nothing More" 5/8/10)
Lynae Straw
(mention "Ceramic Poem Pendants" 5/11/09)
Robert Swiatek- NY
(article on "I Don't Want to be a Pirate, Writer Maybe" 11/8/08, story "The Black Bean Soup Caper" with Mousse recipe 12/9/09, story/recipe "Cuban Bread Disaster" 7/2011)
Syke NWS
("Snow" 1/5/09)
Angela Szczepaniak- NY NWS
("Was in love with a" 02/07/07, "loveletters" artwork in same issue)
Kadie Taggart- MI NWS
(story "Her Name Was Summer" 8/6/08)
Joseph Tharayil- NJ NWS
(poem "Meaning" - spring 2012)
Kyler Thomann- KS NWS
(poem "I Got Rhythm" 5/11/09)
Burn Thompson- AK NWS
(poem "The Thrill of Mathematics" - spring 2012)
Callie Thompson- who is always on the move
("Eat Florida" 09/01/07)
Caitlin E. Thomson- WA
(poem "Abundance" Dec 2015 #56)
Gary D. Timothy- NY
("Hope Springs Eternal" excerpt 11/1/06, "The Three Word Story" suggestion, 1/2011)
Michael Tritto- NY
("Rhythms for Life" poem, 01/2011)
Kufre Udeme- Nigeria
(poem "There Is No Limit Beneath The Moon" - spring 2012)
C. M. Ulmer- FL NWS
(poem "Summer Grass" 7/6/09)
Caroline Colon Vasquez
(mention "Paloma's Nest" 4/1/09)
Phibby Venable- VA
(prose "Blue Cold Morning", "On White Top" 1/5/09, poem "Gray Bid on a Limb" 1/2011)
Joseph M. Verrastro- NY
(photo collage 11/8/08, cover photo "Teasel leaves" Oct. 2010, story/recipe "An Iron Chef" and photo 7/2011, photo "Osprey Fishing at Tifft Farm" 7/2011, photo "Life by the Drop" 1/2012)
Isaiah Vianese- formerly of NY
(poem "Dust and Other Stuff" 4/1/10)
Ken Waldman- AK
(poem "Old-Time Fiddle Lesson" Jan. 2014 #54)
Brian K. Walters- MI NWS
("Morning Bliss" 2/4/08)
Linda J. Washington- RI
("Critical" and "Jacob's Lament" poems Oct. 2010)
Diane Webster- CO NWS
(poem "Pumpkin Once" 12/9/09, poem "See the Fun" - spring 2012)
Diane Weisbeck- NY NWS
(article "Water Spirits" 7/5/08)
Amber J. Wellington- PA NWS
(poem "Holly" 2/1/09)
Sueann Wells- NY NWS
("Vehicular (Nature and Hu)Man Watcher" 10/6/08, "What do you think?")
Nathan Wheelings NWS
(poem "Doing Time to Cleanse My Mind" 7/6/09)
Nathan Whiting- NY NWS
(poems: "Why I Don't Use Clarity", Oct. 2011 #50, "Wrong Building" April 2015 #55)
Blanca Will (1881-1978)- NY and AK
("Penguins" sculpture in photo by Margolis, 01/2011)
Kanisha Williams- IL
(art "On/plugged", "Happy", "Off/unplugged", "Purdue Flaxwood", "Felix Flaxwood" 4/1/10)
Meredith Sue Willis
("A Dull Writing Prompt" 4/1/09)
Willy-age 7
(review of his zine "The Bees Knees" 4/1/08)
Virginia Winters- Canada
(fiction "Freddie's Athabaska" 4/1/10)
Gabriel S. Witkus- CO NWS
("Lightning Bugs" 2/4/08)
LaDonna Witmer
(review of poetry/art book "Secrets of Falling", poem "Seque" 5/5/08)
Alex Wrekk (Brainscan)
("to get a letter, write a letter" 8/6/08)
Ron Yazinski- PA NWS
(poem "LOL" Jan. 2014 #54)
Rosanna Young NWS
(story "Snapped" 10/14/09)
Changming Yuan-Canada NWS
(poem "Poppies: On the Remembrance Day" Oct. 2011 #50)
Ryki Zuckerman- NY
("The Show" 05/12/07, "Broken Ice" 1/5/09, "bees in her bonnet" 10/14/09)

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