Heralding the art of words in Western NY & beyond...
THE OTHER HERALD has been supporting writers and connecting good writing with readers, throughout the Western New York and global communities since its first issue in November of 2006. 

Heralding the art of words...

After much contemplation, and feedback from the readers and subscribers, in July 2010, TOH's format was permanently switched over to a larger, booklet-style format.

* In late 2012-2013, I had to take a break from the high demand of quarterly issues. There are no issues for year 2013, resuming with #54 in 2014 and #55-56 in 2015. Issue #57 is forthcoming in early 2016 !

Previous frequency of issues
* July 2010 and after, there are four quarterly issues per year: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn APPROXIMATELY Jan, Apr, July, Oct. 
* Nov. 2006-July 2010, there were twelve MINI issues per year.

Quarterly issues are $3 each, and the format is a 4 1/4" x 11" (typically 20 - 24 page) booklet.

Convenience Subscriptions are NOW $14 per year (or 4 issues) to U.S. address. 

Additional postage required for subscriptions to be mailed outside of the U.S. Please inquire by email as to how much additional cost for your country. You will be charged extra for actual additional postage only, so your subscription price will be increased accordingly... Just ask! 

Please ask about an individual or bulk subscription for your library or school. Gift subscriptions welcomed. TOH does not charge subscribers extra to subsidize any gift subscriptions to such organizations, and we are not in a position to provide them without any support to cover that cost, so your gift to them is appreciated on many levels. Giving a subscription to a library is a gift to many, not one...and it's only $14 if a U.S. address!

Donations accepted towards postage, printing costs, etc. Your support will help make the next issue the best that it can be.

A special "thank you" to all of the readers and writers: past, present and future! TOH is always looking for your input; I like to think of it as "your" publication, not mine. Please tell me what you think! Enjoy this always-evolving web site!!

TOH's Writing Competitions on WritersCafe.org :    Click here to view our current contests on WritersCafe.org

Every so often, TOH will offer a themed writing competition which is hosted on WritersCafe.org.  Selected winners receive publication of winning piece(s) in an issue of The Other Herald; all Winners and Honorable Mentions receive mention, some possible publication. More info about contests on Writerscafe.org. You may submit to TOH for inclusion in a themed issue and not participate in contest; that is allowed! More contests coming soon... recent contests completed.

Note: You do have to sign up on the Writers Cafe website if you want to post your work there, but it is a simple sign-up. You can then choose whether you want your work viewed by others or not, and once the work is posted you may enter it in any contest you find appropriate. I've posted on this web site for a number of years without problems, but please note The Other Herald is not in any way affiliated with WritersCafe.org, other than we use their site to run our writing contests. (As Editor, I am a user on their site, under the name "TFRice".) 

For a sample (random) quarterly issue of TOH, mail $5 check, money order, or carefully-concealed cash ... or decide to subscribe for only $14, and get 4 issues over the next year or so as a surprise in your mailbox! 

For addresses outside of the U.S., contact me instead by email to theotherherald <at> yahoo.com  and I will find out how much postage to send to your location, WHEREever you be! No distance is too far!

THE OTHER HERALD is published by Hidden Valley Farm... "where the fish laugh from the creek". The name is taken from a private property full of inspiration near Perry, in Western NY State, nearby Letchworth State Park. This is a creation of Editor T. F. Rice.

Literary Events in TOH's Hometown:

Poetry in Motion
                       - annually in April - Perry, NY

2016 Tentatively Scheduled the last weekend of April (Friday-Sunday)

Main Street Perry businesses allow posting of your poetry on windows over the weekend... the pages flap in the wind... in honor of National Poetry Month! Join us!

...for more info about this annual event, email Tanya at theotherherald <at> yahoo.com
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