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Submissions from writers of all levels are welcomed.

Please follow these instructions!

submissions as in-line text (in the body of your email).

submissions with a SASE (SASE= Self- Addressed Stamped Envelope, #10 size).
If no SASE, submission is not returned.
Instead of a SASE, if you include $5, I will send a sample issue with my response to your submission.

your email and mailing address, name as you wish it to appear in print, and a short bio (one or two sentences that we can work with are fine). Also send your web site, if you want it included. Please note: We often edit bios for cosmetic reasons, as well as space issues (we're small), but they always seem to come out rather nicely. Send as little or as much info as desired... If you prefer to be published anonymously, we can do that, but we'll need your address to send copies.
Currently accepting submissions of flash fiction, poetry, prose, writing exercises, comics or articles on a topic of interest to writers, black and white or greyscale artwork. Please keep it reasonably "clean"; remember there are tasteful ways to get your reader to where you want them to be, whether it is a sexy moment or a shocking tragedy. 

2016-2017 issues currently not assigned a specific theme; submissions are open for all items - who knows, your general submission could even inspire an issue theme. 

Materials chosen for publication are paid for with contributor copy. Contributors receive one copy of the quarterly issue in which their work appears. Additional copies may be purchased (of the issue your work appears in) for $2 each. I will pay postage to ship your copies to one U.S. address. International orders are asked to help with the shipping cost.

By submitting, you are granting TOH one-time publication rights only; all rights revert back to the author/artist after publication and may be used further at their own personal discretion and according to existing publishing laws.

We kindly request that you give proper credit when a piece is published again, i.e. "First published in The Other Herald, January 2007." If your story/poem has been previously published, and you make us aware of that, we will give credit to the publication where first published; we have been known to accept some previously published work...

Read about our contests on "News" page of this web site. Sometimes we run them, and other times we don't. They usually point writers to a specific theme we're thinking about for a future issue...

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For a sample (random) quarterly issue of TOH, mail $5 check, money order, or carefully-concealed cash ... or decide to subscribe for only $14, and get 4 issues over the next year or so as a surprise in your mailbox! 

For addresses outside of the U.S., contact me instead by email to theotherherald <at> yahoo.com  and I will find out how much postage to send to your location, WHEREever you be! No distance is too far!

Read an archival issue of THE OTHER HERALD!

We've been around since 2006, so I guarantee you haven't read EVERY ISSUE of TOH, well, unless of course you're my Dad...or another of my relatives... or one of the incredibly-loyal subscribers who's been keeping us afloat since our humble start!! TY

Select a few individual back issues (pre-July 2010) of our homegrown publication and buy at their old cover price (most are 50 cents) while supplies last... maybe use for STOCKING STUFFERS?

Visit my Etsy.com store http://www.tfrice.etsy.com and peruse a few of the back-issues currently listed     (A full listing of back-issues is available in the mail or email; just ask.)
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